AFS@Store Antidot Prestashop Module

Incorporate AFS@Store Antidot to your Prestashop e-shop. 

CompatibilityPrestashop 1.4 to 1.6

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Incorporate AFS@Store search engine to your e-shop on Prestashop!

What is the AFS@Store search engine by Antidot?

It has been observed that a lot of visitors use the intern search engine of an e-shop to find then buy a product. That is why, it is possible to incorporate a smart search engine like AFS@Store to increase your sales. AFS@Store is going to make some suggestions to the visitors to help them in their search, even if they misspell a word.

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Incorporation of AFS@Store

Dream Me Up can incorporate AFS@Store search engine to your e-shop, on Prestashop from 1.4 to 1.6.

The module sends the visitor’s search request to AFS@Store, which sends it back with the answer in the XML format.

Then, the module translates the results display, the facets (filter by price, brand, category…), and the pagination.

Dream Me Up can also incorporate the automatic result suggestion when the visitor is typing. 

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